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YASSSS! Beyonce Performs “Grown Woman” Live For The First Time

It’s no secret that the hottest tour going down right now is Beyonce’s "The Mrs. Carter Show" world tour.

Since her tour began, Baddie Bey has been making headlines for her seductive costumes choices and show-stopping performances.

Beyonce kicked off her tour in Serbia, but is now taking over the streets of Paris. Wanting to keep her stans on their toes, Beyonce performed her new hit “Grown Woman” for the very first time.

The Timbaland-produced single was featured on Beyonce’s Pepsi commercial, but the “Bow Down” singer has never performed the song for a live audience.

Beyonce is also rumored to be releasing a new song titled "Standing On The Sun," which can be heard in her new H&M commercial set to air May 5.


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